Sustainable Design: Houses, Commercial and Public Buildings

Based in Fremantle WA, EHDO (Earth House Design Office) began life in Margaret River as earthhouse, a rammed earth building company created by Giles Hohnen. One of the world’s pioneers in rammed earth design and construction, Giles worked in close collaboration with engineers to develop a product that is beautiful, structurally sound & energy efficient to build. Disillusioned with the way rammed earth was being applied by architects, Giles began to design his own buildings and slowly earthhouse evolved into a dedicated building design studio that focuses on creating contemporary, socially and climatically sustainable buildings for projects that include houses, commercial and public buildings as well as smaller projects such as additions and studios.

Coming from a building background and with an extensive background in rammed earth design, we use progressive ideas and materials to produce buildings that balance look, feel and function while remaining environmentally & socially responsible.

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